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I.R.R.A.D.I.A (Eng)

Goethe said of himself that his poems had all the characteristics of a great confession. If significant forms emerge from life, or better still, from the spiritual life that feeds it, can the aesthetic experience be used as clarification, as participation of truth (a truth, not The Truth) and at the same time, or because of it, become an experience of autocomprehension ? Torquato La Mattina acts in this dimension: to give shape to a thought in order to investigate it and to investigate himself. From the mechanical universe that surrounds us and inexorably interferes with our lives, he identifies and recovers an object (whose formal aspect moreover recognises an implicit artisitic quality) which already has a significant institutional use, he distorts it, clothes it in an aesthetic quotient, he brings new values to it. Leggi il resto di questo articolo »